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Tritons and Other Makes

What else can we do?

A lot of experience with Nortons means we've also done a lot of work on Tritons, so can supply similar services to Triumph riders, though we wouldn't pretend to be experts on the marque. We will also undertake work on BSA singles and twins and AMC singles. We have considerable experience with BMW, Moto Guzzi and Ducati twins, and have even been known to spanner the odd Japanese bike in moments of derangement or desperation!
We build specials to order, provided you're not in a tearing hurry. It usually takes at least a year between inception and delivery, but the machine will come to you fully sorted out and with a minimum of 250 miles on the clock and preferably more, so that any initial teething problems (and there ALWAYS are some!) are dealt with, all fasteners re-torqued and everything is bedded down. In our opinion, until a special has done 5000 miles its still just a collection of bits. We can source any of the parts you might require for your special, or you can provide your own, though in our experience bolt on custom parts rarely look good or fit properly, and are generally more bother than they're worth. All mechanical, electrical, fitting and fabrication work is carried out in house. Blasting, painting, chroming and specialist engineering services are bought in from outside, but only from tried and tested sources.

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Picture Gallery Below:
750 Morgo Unit BEFORE.....
750 Morgo Unit.....AFTER!
Pre Unit T110 and Slickshift box, in slimline frame

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