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Norton and Triton Specialists

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ENGINES: We specialise in getting the best out of Norton engines, as well as being happy to undertake service, repair and tuning work on any of the marques mentioned in "Tritons and Other Makes" (see link on left).

Norton singles, OHC. or OHV, bullet proofed and made oil-tight. Tuning for race or optimum road performance and economy. Heads repaired (including exhaust-port threads), re-welded, gas flowed and lapped in. Cast iron cylinder head and barrel fins repaired.

Pistons, crankpins, main bearings and gaskets supplied, plus heavy-duty exhaust valves - stops the valve-ends from falling into the engine! Rocker box and valve-lifter clearance problems sorted. Oil pumps exchange reconditioned. Cranks pressed up, trued, shimmed and centred. Carburettors reconditioned, rejetted or replaced.

Norton twins built to any state of tune. Cranks lightened and statically balanced (reduces vibration). Rods balanced and polished (minimises risk of breakage and eliminates a major source of excessive vibration). Breather conversions to reduce oil consumption. Heads reconditioned (including plug and exhaust threads) and flowed for performance and economy. Oversize valve guides machined and fitted. Valve seats machined and blended. Push-rod and rocker geometry adjusted. Oil pumps modified and reconditioned. Twin and single carburettor conversions. Electronic ignition kits supplied and fitted. Exchange reconditioned magnetos and dynamos. Camshafts and followers fitted to order, with appropriate adjustments to valve timing. Isolastics shimmed or converted to vernier adjustment. Commando or Dominator, racer or tourer, we can advise, supply and fit the most appropriate components and guarantee the results.

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GEARBOXES. Pre-war, Laydown and AMC boxes supplied, rebuilt and serviced. Heavy-duty bearing conversions, Shaft and ratio conversions. Shell and thread repairs. Rebuilds to any British gearbox , separate or unit.

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TRANSMISSIONS. Clutches reconditioned and matched to power output. Best quality sprockets and chains supplied. We can work out the the best ratios for your Norton, supply and fit all the bits and even get the primary chaincases oiltight!

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Photo Gallery Below:

650 S.S. - Detail of Chain-Oiler, Snail Cam, and Extended Oil-Tank.
Snail Cam Chain Adjuster - Adjust your chain in

Why did the factory not fit them?
Early Fifties ES2 Oil-Tank

Enlarged to 1 gallon and adapted to fit twin carb Dominator.

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