British classic motorbikes -  repairs, spares and parts.

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Norton and Triton Specialists

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Suspensions Wheels Frames Electrics
SUSPENSIONS: Damper conversions to Roadholder forks (eliminates clanking and banging over ruts and bumps). Bush and seal replacement, headrace bearing conversions (no more tedious dismantling and greasing). Broken pinch bolts and lugs repaired. Dampers and springs supplied to individual requirements.

Better still, why not fit alternative forks and enjoy a supple, modern ride?
WHEELS AND BRAKES: Wheels built and trued. Bearings and axles converted. We are happy to advise on optimum rim and tyre types and sizes for your bike. Disc brake conversions that look good and work brilliantly - no point in getting it to go fast if you can't stop!

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FRAMES AND CYCLE PARTS. Norton frames supplied, straightened and re-lugged. Tanks repaired, enlarged or converted. Custom or special oil tanks and battery boxes designed and built in the material of your choice. Oil filter conversions. Swinging-arm mounts braced. Stainless, alloy and after-market guards fitted so they don't crack! Chain adjustment conversions. All chassis and handling problems tackled in an informed way. We even change swinging-arm silentblock bushes, but you'll have to ask us nicely!

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ELECTRICS. Anything from a component to a complete rewire, we will uprate your electrics and lights to life in the 21st century. We LOVE sorting out electrics and can supply parts and solutions to any problem you might have. With the equipment available today there is no excuse for having anything other than first-rate, 100% reliable lighting, ignition and generating equipment.

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Picture Gallery Below:
Making a 77 and sidecar steer and stop.....leading link forks with fully-floating parallelogram anti-rise brake.....jolly effective!
Making a 650ss stop on modern roads.....twin disc and suspension conversion.....a REAL featherbed ride with awesome but predictable braking, wet or dry.
Snail Cam Adjuster - Adjust your chain in

Why did the factory not fit them?
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