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We are also very partial to SIDECAR OUTFITS, having ferried small (and not so small) persons about in them for years, and are happy to advise on fittings, alignment and specialist parts and suppliers. Leading link forks built and fitted, rear suspension beefed up, frames and wheels strengthened for the rigours of chair haulage. Engines put into suitable tune for sidecar work, transmissions strengthened and re-geared, brakes uprated, sidecar brakes fitted, electrics uprated and all the other modifications required to stop older bikes being slugs and liabilities on modern roads when attached to a sidecar.....outfits are, and should be, fun!
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Making a 77 and sidecar steer and stop.....leading link forks with fully-floating parallelogram anti-rise brake.....jolly effective!
Norton ES2:
  • '55 frame to '54 spec.
  • 21" front guard with 19" front wheel
  • '56 full width hubs
  • '55 195 600 engine
  • Squire Mark 1 sports chair modified to child/adult spec.
Slow but torquey! A fine outfit.
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